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This is Merchant CashTap.

Today’s business owners demand a broader range of faster, more flexible financial solutions that move their businesses forward. But traditional off-the-shelf products simply can’t keep up.

Engage merchants directly with Merchant CashTap. Our suite of solutions provides one source for getting multiple products to busy merchants without time for labor-intensive traditional lenders. Each product can be tailored to meet the specific needs of agents, ISOs, and processors, as well as ISVs and terminal/point of sale manufacturers and distributors.

And with convenient digital delivery, seamless transaction boarding via our API, and easy scoring, funding, and tracking via our technology platform, you can easily monitor progress across your growing merchant base.

Point of sale equipment financing

Point of sale equipment financing

Make the newest tech affordable — now or through later upgrades

We work with you to tailor an equipment financing program that allows your merchants to conserve capital while accessing the latest technology.

  • 24- to 48-month terms
  • Simple, full-disclosure, e-signed contract
  • Next-day funding
  • No-touch process for boarding and equipment deployment
Point of sale equipment rental

Point of sale equipment rental

Offer a shorter term option for POS solutions

Long-term contracts don’t meet every need. Select a fixed-term rental contract for situations requiring shorter-term agreements.

  • Up to 12-month terms
  • Customized programs that meet businesses’ specific needs
  • Work in conjunction with Merchant CashTap options to address more merchant needs – and win more merchant business
Merchant cash advance

Merchant cash advance

Convert an asset into cash for building business

No more declining working capital to merchants after communicating a general offer. Our solutions allow ISOs and processors to prescore their existing customer bases and make direct offers.

  • Advances equal to a merchant’s monthly processing volume
  • Advance values range from $5,000 to $150,000
  • Funds to business owners as quickly as 24 hours after approval
  • Simple e-sign documentation
Term financing

Term financing

Offer structured, reliable financing to your existing merchant

Access additional support for merchants who’ve established a working relationship with Finova Capital. For example, existing merchant clients can unlock favorable terms for acquiring business-specific equipment, furniture, or fixtures.

  • Financing up to $100,000 for new equipment and technology
  • Quick, simple application process
  • Instant credit decisions for most transactions
  • Low-to-no upfront costs with 100% financing options available, including shipping, taxes, and other expenses
  • Pre-approval process ensures businesses know exactly what they can afford to spend on equipment
Working capital loans

Working capital loans

Keep businesses going year-round

Offer streamlined short-term business loans to established businesses that want capital without selling a future receivable.

  • Simple credit approval process
  • Flexible terms from one to 18 months
  • Daily and weekly payment options
  • Fast approvals, with same-day funding
  • Convenient, traditionally structured business loans
  • Flexible fund usage for a range of diverse business needs

Are you a merchant with questions?

We’re here to help.

Finova Capital is a small business lender providing faster, more affordable finance solutions to keep merchants moving forward.

Leveraging decades of expertise in the payments space, we work with payment processing partners to offer more flexible versions of the solutions you’d typically get from a bank or POS payments company.

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