Combining Tech and Personal Touch to Provide Unrivaled Support

At Finova Capital, we like to say that while our company is new, our experience runs deep.

While we deliver game-changing solutions, our mission is grounded in tried-and-true expertise helping acquirers and merchants succeed.

That’s why every aspect of our business — from our seamless technology to our dedicated support staff — works in service to helping partners meet their specific goals.

Quicker, more convenient tech

At the core of that effort is Finova’s industry-first technology. Our platform enables convenient digital scoring, onboarding, signing, and tracking — for all our products, all in one place.

When we receive an application, it goes through our informed risk tool. Built using decades’ worth of records, our automated system ensures rapid credit decisioning.

Once a partner is approved, onboarding is completely digital. Our platform seamlessly integrates with partners’ systems for faster, easier documentation.

When it’s time to execute paperwork, signatures can be collected in minutes, not days. No more shuffling papers — merchants can use DocuSign to complete lease agreements on the spot.

All this activity is easily trackable on our self-serve partner portal. Instead of navigating through messy email chains, acquirers can simply check the status on their phone or computer. At every stage from origination to processing, our platform provides full transparency into metrics, funding statuses, and pipeline communications — in addition to daily automatic reports.

Right-sized human touch

While technology can accelerate operations, we also understand there are areas where there’s no substitute for an expert’s time and attention.

That’s why every one of our partners receives a dedicated support contact. Our clients can call us and expect to talk to someone — no tickets here.

Our focus is on long-term partnership — so we take the time to listen and learn.

Partner alignment is key: We educate ourselves on our partners’ businesses, considering their current offerings, sales, and comfort levels. Then we match their goals and challenges to our own products and goals, building out a business case so we can measure success.

Our team is constantly tweaking and modifying our offerings to help our partners take them to market. And since our offerings are digital, we can more quickly add new variables to match partners’ vision and growth.

For me, that intersection of experience, technology, and partnership is the very foundation of how Finova is changing the merchant finance industry. And I’m excited to continue developing the business practices and service levels to keep acquirers and businesses moving forward.

Waqas Sattar

Chief Operations Officer

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