The Secret to Winning and Retaining Merchants? Meet Finova Capital

For today’s ISOs and processors, more product offerings mean a bigger, more consistent merchant base.

There’s one major problem: Traditional off-the-shelf products tend to be generic, costly, and complicated.

Having served over 1 million merchants during my 20 years in merchant acquiring and lending, I’m familiar with those challenges — and the opportunities acquirers need to address them.

That’s where Finova Capital comes in. With a wider range of retention-boosting finance solutions, we’re providing faster ways for ISOs and processors to attract and retain merchants.

A more attractive product offering

The process is simple: Our partners gain access to Merchant CashTap™ — our suite of merchant finance products including equipment financing, merchant cash advances, working capital, and term loans. Each solution gives merchants faster, more flexible access to cash for growing their businesses.

The results are twofold. First, new merchant cost of acquisition decreases as acceptance increases. We take the time to understand acquirers’ and merchants’ goals, then create custom programs that hit those targets — an attractive win-win-win for everyone involved.

Second, merchant attrition drops — and retention skyrockets. Because the small business market is underserved, merchants typically access capital multiple times over their time in business.

Seamless tech to move acquirers forward

Even if these solutions had been available historically, the process of implementing financing products has been a longtime headache for ISOs and processors.

We’re changing that with a robust, easy-to-use platform. Our technology fits seamlessly into acquirers’ workflows with API compatibility, self-serve DocuSign functionality, and intuitive dashboard reporting.

Coupled with our best-in-class scoring capabilities, our solutions enable acquirers to access the upfront revenue and ongoing reoccurring revenue stream to build a strong residual base.  

Built to meet acquirers’ specific needs

These solutions only work when the process and products make sense for acquirers and merchants. That’s where our team’s deep expertise comes into play.

I have 20 years of experience understanding acquirers’ workflows, underwriting processes, and technology blockers. Our scoring models have survived the past two decades’ macroeconomic swings. All combined, our team has 75 years of expertise providing financing to merchant acquirers and the payments industry.

In short, we know what acquirers need to perform. And by leveraging that expertise with modern technology and a positive merchant experience — including sensible pricing and terms, timely servicing, and customized options — we’re excited to be a new kind of merchant finance partner.

It’s past time acquirers had better opportunities to attract and retain profitable merchant accounts and overall portfolios. And we’re excited to provide the transparent solutions and strategic alliances to make that possible.

Find out how Finova Capital can help you win and retain merchants. Visit today.

Bryan Brouillard is Chief Risk Officer at Finova Capital. He has over 20 years of experience in risk, underwriting, compliance, and governance, as well as key operational areas associated with small- and mid-size leasing and lending organizations and payments companies. Prior to joining Finova, he worked at SafraPay, Ascentium Capital, First Data/Fiserv, and American Express.

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